1-2-1 Tuition

I offer one to one tuition to individual photographers on a broad range of subjects and techniques, providing a concentrated training experience tailored to the person and their photographic skill level, which is quite different to learning within a group workshop environment. The agenda for the session is set by you, and I am always available for advice at this stage, to ensure the tuition is both appropriate and specific to your requirements. For some photographers this can centre around the technical aspects of photography to help improve their skill set in areas such as metering, focusing, or lighting, while for others it encompasses the aesthetic qualities of their work to assist in developing and refining composition, or building a portfolio.


My mentoring programme is an extension of my one to one tuition where in my role as advisor I guide you over a period of time, delivering the same concentrated training experience, but enabling you to learn to a deeper level, and develop a broader range of skills, to grow your confidence and knowledge base behind the camera. The structure and frequency of the mentoring sessions is up to you; this training can be delivered entirely by face to face sessions, or mixed with remote sessions communicating via email, telephone, or Skype / FaceTime.

Should you be interested in either my one to one, or my mentor programme training please contact me for more details.